Women’s Institute Hall

Painting by Mrs Maisie Prescott - Faithful WI Member and Past President

Painting by Mrs Maisie Prescott – Faithful WI Member and Past President

The   first Women’s Institute was formed in Northern Ireland in 1932 to help rural   women of the Province for whom, at that time, there was very little in the   way of fellowship or training. The membership fee in 1942 was sixpence.   Loughgall WI was formed in 1946 after a formation meeting was held in the   Cope School. The group met on the first Wednesday of the month in the Cadets’   Hall on this same site. Community activities undertaken by the women in the   early years after the war included trying to get an extra water pump into the   village for the convenience of the residents, and arranging with the bus   service to have a bus go via Loughgall to Armagh at 2.30pm twice a week to   enable the ladies of the village to shop. When the cadets vacated the hall in   the 1950s, the WI members purchased the hall outright at a cost of just £80.   The original wooden structure was replaced during the renovation of the   courthouse in 1992. An extensive refurbushment was undertaken in 2005.   Loughgall is one of the largest Women’s Institutes in the area with over 40   members in 2013. Loughgall and District Improvement Assocation, in which   every resident of the district is a member, has bimonthly meetings in this   hall. It was formed in the 1997 with the following objectives. ‘Promoting to   the benefit of the inhabitants of the Loughgall area general community   projects of an environmental and conservation nature with the object of   improving the quality of life for the said inhabitants without distinction of   sex or of political or religious opinions’. It has been through the hard work   and determination of this Association, with a lot of support from the local   Council, that Loughgall has been consistent award winners since 1995 in the   following competitions – Best Kept Village, N.I. Tidy Village, All Ireland   Tidy Village, Ulster in Bloom, Britain in Bloom and overall winner of All   Ireland Tidy Towns.
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