Beautiful Award Winning Loughgall

Beautiful Award Winning Loughgall

Welcome   to Loughgall. Loughgall Village Walking Tour can be joined at any point along   the route. The tour takes in 66 points of local interest in its half mile   course, all of which are marked by numbers on this map. The village of   Loughgall is situated in the heart of County Armagh’s apple growing   countryside and adjacent to the lake from which its name is derived. It is   renowned for its attractive and pristine appearance which has won it many   awards over the years. Indeed for a settlement of its size, just one long   street, it has an impressively high proportion of fine buildings from both   the Georgian and Regency periods. Over 20 of these buildings are officially   listed by the NI Environment Agency as buildings of special architectural or   historic interest. Although it is often thought of as a Plantation Village,   Loughgall actually has a much longer history. The Christian heritage of the   village dates back to the Culdees who were originally members of Christian   monastic communities of Ireland, Scotland and England in the Middle Ages.   There is considerable archeological evidence of an even earlier settlement.   W. Reeves, the church historian, accepts that there was a church already   established here in 1054. In 1611 Sir Anthony Cope of Hanwell, Oxfordshire,   purchased the Manor of Loughgall comprising some 3,000 acres.
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