Village Shop

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The   first known record of the occupier of this shop and adjacent dwellings can be   found in the 1837/38 Townland Valuations. He was a merchant called Abraham   Walker who died in 1841. The next records are of a Joseph Orr and a Joseph   Killings who are recorded in the 1859 Griffith Valuations as being tenants of   the spirit/grocers shop, adjacent house and houses/offices down the side. As   Joseph Orr was also involved in fruit export, he may have also run this   business from here. The tenancy, like for the majority of houses in the   village, changed hands many times. Families who have operated a grocery store   from here over the years include Fox, Livingstone, Halligan, Bell , Jameson,   Reid, Whittle, Lucas, Hall and now, in 2013, Gilpin. Although the arch to the   left is now closed in, local residents believe that coach/mail horses during   the late 1800s and early 1900s were stabled, changed and refreshed in the   yard beyond the arch. This old photograph, taken around 1913, clearly shows   that the premises included a Posting Establishment at that time. When Harry   Bell owned a grocery/ hardware business here in the 1940s, he also owned the   complete premises to the right plus the yard. You could have bought anything   in his shop, from a nail to an anchor. He also had a timber yard to the rear   with a saw mill going continuously. The original barn was probably used as a   timber shed. This is the only shop left in the village, and its continued   existence depends very much on support from local residents and visitors.
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