The Fanning family


Before   the restoration of the courthouse, there used to be a small house just to the   right of it (no 46 circled on this map). Records show the Fanning family   living here from as far back as the 1860s when John Fanning was recorded as a   cooper. A cooper is what we would refer to today as a barrel maker. During   the 1920s two Fanning sisters, Rose and Maggie, were seamstresses for the big   house. A local man recalls that when he was a young boy in the 1920s he tore   his new trousers on barbed wire and was afraid to go home. One of the Miss   Fannings came to his rescue and, after asking him to bend over her knee (she   would never have dared suggest he take his trousers off), stitched him up and   told him that his mother would never notice it. He says that his mother never   mentioned it but suspects that ‘a wee bird’ told her his secret. The house   was used at some time as a makeshift youth hall and was demolished when the   courthouse was restored.
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