Rose Cottage

Rose   Cottage is tucked back almost out of sight on the height to the right of the   Courthouse. According to Griffith records it was occupied by a family called   Hayes in 1864, followed by Boulding or Boland who was a coachman/butler for   the Manor House, and then the Calvin family who moved there in 1929. Mr   Calvin was a stonemason and his wife a postwoman. Their grandchildren, many   of whom still live in the village, recall many happy times spent up here. The   family lived here until 1970s, after which the cottage remained unoccupied   for a considerable time. Precise dating of the building is not recorded, but   a building is shown in this position on the OS map of 1860. A building is   also shown in approximately this position on the OS map of 1834, but it is smaller.   The porch does not appear until the OS map of 1908. It may be taken to be a   re-building of an early 19th century cottage, possibly as late as the late   19th century or early 20th century. The current owners, direct decendants of   the Calvin family, who purchased the property from the Ministry of   Agriculture in 1989, have restored and sensitively extended it to retain its   character, charm and historic interest whilst retaining some of its original   features and displaying some traditional detailing. There is a large roost of   jackdaws and rooks in the trees on the hill behind the cottage.
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