Orchard Park and Orchard Drive

Although   the postal addresses in this development are Orchard Drive or Orchard Park,   this area was originally referred to as Peels’ Hill. The Peels were a Quaker   farming family who were associated with the Quakers of Ballyhegan, some of   whom emigrated to America in the 1800s. During the 1950s Armagh Council was   responsible for introducing council cottages. Now renamed Orchard Park, the   row of bungalows at the back were originally referred to as ‘Taylor Cottages’   after George Taylor, a civil engineer from Armagh. These semi-detached   cottages were built all across County Armagh with a living room, kitchen,   bathroom (added at a later date) and two bedrooms, one with a fireplace. Lord   Kilclooney, who as John Taylor Esq. M.P. was member for Strangford, is George   Taylor’s son. Interestingly John Taylor’s children went for some time to The   Cope Primary School. The rows of houses to the front were built by the   Housing Executive in the 1960s. It would appear that all these dwellings are   built on land formerly owned by the Copes which was purchased with a 999 year   lease.
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