Old Road and Cottages


The   Old Road was the main route from Loughgall to Portadown until 1845, when the   new road was constructed so that horse-drawn traffic did not have to   negotiate the steep hills involved. However, the Old Road remains very much   part of village life. Records show that this row of cottages was built by the   Copes around 1904 for workers on the estate. In the 1911 census they were   described as 2nd class with 3 rooms, 2 windows at the front, and 1 outhouse.   Residents around that time included labourers, a gardener, a postman, a   domestic servant and a retired temperance hotel keeper. Although the cottages   have been modernised and extended over the last 100 years, they still reflect   their original design. The Prescott family have been associated with this   area of the Old Road since the 1920s, the most recent members being brothers,   Billy, Sammy and Bobby, all living within yards of each other. Billy, who   celebrated his 87th birthday in 2013, is seen here in 1995, on the extreme   right, with members of Loughgall Village Association. In 2002 he was awarded   a well deserved MBE for his magnificent contribution to the community,   especially his dedicated role as secretary of the Association for many   years.
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1 Response to Old Road and Cottages

  1. Charlie Hill says:

    I lived on the Old Road and as a child myself and many of the children living in Loughgall village played in what we called “the clump” This was the excavated soil that had been left in an enormous pile by the side of the road and more than 100 years later had numerous mature trees growing there.

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