Old Cope Primary School(No 2) and School House

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The   building of a new brick house mentioned in Ordnance Survey Memoirs in 1830s   most likely refers to this one in front of the school. In the 1837/38   Townland Valuation the occupier is listed as Robert Addy, and Griffith   records show that occupiers from 1864 included James Long, Beatty, Brennan,   Quigley, Mary Price a teacher, George Marshall, the estate carpenter in 1907   and Ellen Corker, a teacher in 1919. Mr. Robert Callaghan was the headmaster   at that time. Mr Callaghan was a teacher of great repute, who more than once   had won the coveted Carlisle and Blake award for excellence. Many of his   pupils, including his own son, went to the Royal School and subsequently had   careers in the army. A lady who used to live in the village recalls hearing   that when her aunt aspired to be a teacher, Mr Callaghan not only encouraged   her in school but gave her additional lessons in his own home. She went on to   excel at the Teacher Training College in Dublin. Further principals of the   school at this site were Mr. W.S. Keegan (19321939), Mr. W.E. Mills   (1939-1959) and Mr R. Reilly, who oversaw the move to the new building in   1972. The Dictionary of Irish Architects shows that the original school in   the background, now forming part of a substantial family home, was designed   by William Joseph Barre and opened in May 1862. Griffith’s map around that   time refers to it as a ‘Female School’. However it obviously eventually   catered for both boys and girls as, by 1870 the original school at the top of   the village had become the residence of the headmaster. In recognition for   the ongoing support given by the Cope family and to differentiate between it   and Loughgall National School in Eagralougher the school became known as The   Cope School around 1900. In the mid 1970s the premises were purchased by John   Taylor, a local politician who, in 2001 was created a life peer as Baron   Kilclooney of Armagh in the County of Armagh. A very successful restaurant   was established but unfortunately closed when the premises where sold in the   late 1990s.
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