Masonic Hall


The   Ensor Masonic Lodge, Loughgall, came into existence in 1888. It was named   after Captain Charles Ensor of Ardress House and for 14 years it held its   meetings in an upper room over a shop across the street belonging to one of   its founder members, George Jackson. The annual cost of the room was £1. This   room was also used for local Orange Lodge meetings. In 1902, a new Masonic   Hall, built to Mrs Cope’s specifications, was officially opened on a plot   donated by the Copes. The foundation stone was laid with a silver trowel, now   on display in the hall, courtesy of the Deane family. The final cost of the   build was £350. To mark the Centenary in 1988 the lodge issued a jewel in the   shape of a bramley apple suspended on a Masonic blue ribbon. The lodge continues   to meet here today. It is one of the few remaining lodges whose meetings are   governed by the phases of the moon. They are held on the Wednesday on or   before the Full Moon. It may be of interest to know that a Masonic Lodge   operated in Loughgall between 1768 and 1801, location unknown.
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