Wiiiam Elliott(1881-1937) & Thomas Henry Elliott (1883? – 1922) Burial Plots

Thomas Henry Elliott (1883? - 1922)

Thomas Henry Elliott (1883? – 1922)

William   was born in Egralougher, locally known as “Duck Island”. William was a farmer   and a highly respected member of the Rural District Council and Board of   Guardians for over 30 years. In an obituary in the local press  at the time the Chairman of the Council   paid tribute to his good service and made light-hearted reference to the fact   that whilst “they might not always have agreed with him they all like him” He   had been one of their original and longest serving members.
In 1949 his son Tommy, as a 16 year old cadet with 1st C/Bn. Royal Irish   Fusiliers, received a formal letter of thanks signed by Field –Marshall   Montgomery for his fund raising efforts on behalf of the Army Cadet Force   Appeal Fund. The Elliott family still live at “Duck Island”.
In the adjoining grave lies the remains of a Thomas Henry Elliott who   tragically died in Loughgall in 1922 whilst on a visit to his recently   inherited property in the townland of Aghinlig. He left behind a wife and six   children in Lancashire (see photo) who until 2004 had not known exactly where   Thomas Henry was buried. On 21st September 2005 three days after her 90th   birthday, Dorothy, his youngest daughter, visited the grave and placed a   memorial plaque.
The family recall it as a most moving experience. Thomas Henry’s sister,   Dorothy Bradley, had also been buried in the same plot in 1988.
Dorothy, in 2013, still lives in her own bungalow in Lancashire at the age   of 98.
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