Whiskey Distillery

A   written account made by an 88year-old man in 1923 talks about a man called   Spencer having a whiskey distillery in the 18th century, the stand of which   was ‘just over a river from the lake on left hand side going down the village   behind the bank and between Mr Jackson’s shop and the graveyard – a square of   half a rood or better’. He records ‘the high walls were some years ago bare   and unroofed’. ‘They stept their grain in a drain flagged with stones in the   bottom of a field in Eagralougher, it is now levelled in but the flag stones   are in it yet. I saw it myself before it was stopped in’. His uncle could ‘   get a quart for a shilling and their saying how mild and easy taken, it made   them jolly and not drunk or sick’ In 1822 it was reported that there were   only 22 legal whiskey distilleries in Ireland. Do you think this was one of   them?? It should be noted that the Miss Spencers are recorded in the Townland   Valuations of 1837/38 as living in the house to the right so what more do we   need to substantiate this story.
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