The Right Rev. Dr. Walter Cope(1702-1787) – Family Burial Tomb

Cope Tomb

Cope Tomb

Walter   Cope of Drumilly was an 18th century Anglican bishop in Ireland.  Previously Dean of Dromore, he was   nominated to be Bishop of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh (NW Ireland)in 1772 and   translated to Ferns and Leighlin(SE Ireland) in1782 considered by some as a   “political” move. His Bishop’s seat was at Drumilly House. He died in post on   31 July 1787 at the age of 85.
It is reported that, when a curate, he was known far and wide as “the proud   curate” because he sported a coach and four splendid black horses.
The listed building database describes this memorial as ‘The most   architecturally interesting memorial is a freestanding tomb with scrolling   pediments, pilasters with laurel wreaths and down-turned torches, standing on   a podium enclosed by plain iron railings: commemorates members of the Cope   family of Drumilly including the Reverend Dr Walter Cope who died in   1787’.
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