Sir William Verner 1st Bart.(1782-1871) -Family Burial Plot

Sir William Vernet 1st Bart. (1782-1871)

Sir William Vernet 1st Bart. (1782-1871)

It is   thought that the Verners , who may be of Norman origin, came into Ireland   with the Cromwellian settlement. They became large land owners in counties   Armagh and Tyrone (now Peatlands Park). The Verner Baronetcy of Churchill was   created in 1846 for this William Verner, a soldier and politician. This was   the time of the potato famine and Sir William reduced rents by up to 50% and   offered employment to any of his tenants in need. He had been Colonel of the   7th Hussars, served in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo. He brought his   beloved charger Constantia home after Waterloo (known locally as “the   Waterloo Mare”) and she was buried in the Churchill family cemetery covered   by a large headstone with the epitaph.
“To the memory of a soldier’s friend and companion in adversity and   success, in the privations of toilsome marching, in the anxious watches of   the night, in the shock of many battles, through the day of Waterloo, through   many painful years which have elapsed since that crowning victory”
Died 21st November 1835, aged 33 years
Sir William was MP for County Armagh for 32 years from 1832-1868. His   funeral was widely publicised as one of the largest ever seen. His remains   had been brought back by ship and train from London to Armagh and hence to   Loughgall. It was reported that there were over 140 carriages of various   sorts forming a two mile long procession behind the cortege from Armagh   station and the mourners were estimated at 10,000 with all creeds and classes   being represented.
This vault also contains the remains of Sir William’s father and mother,   grandfather? and uncle? (Clarke) and brother John.
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