John Moore (1859-1937) – Family Burial Plot

John Moore (1859-1937)

John Moore (1859-1937)

John   Moore came to Loughgall with his wife and five of his seven daughters around   1904 to become the Land Steward for the Manor Copes. He eventually worked for   himself but continued to live in “Loughgall House”. One of his daughters   married Albert Jackson, a successful merchant in the village. His grandson   remembers sneaking a peek into the attic of the house where he recalls seeing   ‘Band of Hope’ crockery obviously the property of Mrs Cope who strongly   promoted the Temperance movement in Loughgall. The Band of Hope was the   junior section of the movement. The Moore family occupied the house until it   was sold to the Department of Agriculture in 1947.
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6 Responses to John Moore (1859-1937) – Family Burial Plot

  1. Geoff WEBB says:

    Firstly thankyou for the image of John Henry MOORE (1859-1937) and his wife Dora Alicia TELFORD’s (1863-1945) monumental inscription. You have saved me a lot of work.

    In the back ground of the same image is the monument to their third daughter Alice Geraldine (1888-1966) and her husband William GARDNER (born 1888). Unfortunately the photograph was taken at such an angle that the MOORE family monument covers William GARDNER’s deceased year.

    As this is a date (year) I am yet to obtain, can you assist?


    Geoff WEBB

    • loughgall says:

      Hello Geoff
      Thank yoou for contacting me. No problem getting the date of death of William – 30th Oct 1918. Also if you are interested I can send you a clear copy of the headstone. I live in the house the Moores came to in 1904 and the graveyard is just across the street. I can also get you a copy of William’s death cert if he died in Northern Ireland as our local records office has got older certificates availalbe on line. The site address is
      Hope this all helps but do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help as I am a keen genealogist.

      Rene Aiken

      • Geoff WEBB says:

        Thanks for your reply Rene, just noticed it now, much appreciated. I don’t you know if they had any children? William and his wife Alice Geraldine nee MOORE were only married for thirteen months. Second question, do you know what happened to Alice’s brother in law, John Findlater WILKES (born 1885). He was married to Alice’s oldest sister, Sarah Jane Gladys MOORE (1886-1934).


        Geoff WEBB

  2. Here are a few links which might help.

    In the meantime I will ask Sarah’s nephew (now 90) or his daughter also Sarah for more detail on both Alice and Sarah. If I remember correctly Alice had a son.

  3. Hello Geoff
    I have just spoken to Sarah Jackson who would be Alice and Sarah’ great niece living here in Loughgall.. She has given me her e-mail address as she is really keen to discuss the Moore family directly with you. She has just recently had a visit with the Wilkes descendants and is also in regular contact with the Gardiner side so she is right up to date.

    Good Luck

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