George Ensor(1769-1842) – Family Burial Plot

George Ensor (1769-1842)

George Ensor (1769-1842)

George   Ensor was an eminent Irish author and lawyer. He was born in the family home   Ardress House, a few miles from Loughgall which had been acquired through   marriage into the Clarke family. He was educated at the Royal School, Armagh   followed by Trinity College Dublin. He was called to the Irish Bar in 1792.   His father, George Ensor, and uncle, John Ensor, were architects who designed   much of Merrion Square, Parnell Square and many notable buildings in Dublin.   He was a well-known political writer and patriot, author of at least twenty   books of educational and Irish interest. He was a grand juror and High   Sheriff (1806) of County Armagh and died in 1843 at the family home, Ardress   House, property of the National Trust since 1960. When George died Ardress   House passed to his son George Ensor (??-1879) and then to his great nephew   Captain Charles Ensor (1841-1897) both of whom are buried in this plot. The   Masonic Hall in the village, opened in 1888 is named after Charles Ensor, its   founding Worshipful Master.
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