Estate Carpenter’s House

Painting showing the Estate Carpenter's House on the right by Cathleen Gordon - Parish Art Class

Painting showing the Estate Carpenter’s House on the right by Cathleen Gordon – Parish Art Class

Although   this house was restored as a beautiful single family home around 1999, it was   once two separate houses the larger one to the right. These houses may not   have been the original ones, as an 1834 map shows an L shaped building on   this site. The tenants over the years have included a spirit grocer, a   shopkeeper, a district nurse, a policeman, a postman and the Manor Estate   carpenter, George Marshall. It is interesting to note that in the Belfast   Morning News dated October 1881, an application for renewal of a liquor   licence by the then tenant Wm Thompson was withdrawn, no doubt due to the   efforts of Mrs Cope to buy up all the liquor licences in the village at that   time. The Marshall family moved into the larger of the houses in 1908/10, and   remained there for over 90 years during which time they incorporated the   house next door. George and his wife, who lost four of their children in   infancy, created a loving family home for twenty nine children over the years   including their own family, evacuees during WWII and foster children. Mrs   Marshall is also fondly remembered in the village for providing warm food for   a number of school children at lunchtime before school dinners were an   option. There is a window in St Luke’s Parish Church dedicated to them by   their family aptly notated ‘Suffer the Little Children’ Emily, one of their   daughters, became Honorary Treasurer for the Church in 1951, and continued to   manage church finances for an amazing 40 years. Mrs Una Vincent, another   daughter who, in 2013, still lives in the village, can clearly recall   wonderfully happy times growing up here in the 1920s and 1930s. The current   owners purchased the house in 1997.
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