Church Hall

Cutting the first sod for the new hall

Cutting the first sod for the new hall

The   three acre site to build a church hall was purchased from the Ministry of   Agriculture in 1947 at a cost of £55 per acre. It was agreed, at first, that   until the church was in a financial position to build a hall, the Ministry   would continue to cultivate the land. Eventually, members of the vestry   formed a farming committee, and through good husbandry of the field, were   able to present a profit for church accounts. Children of the village were   involved in the harvesting of the crops. One of these little helpers   confessed that, having spent hours picking broad beans, she was put off them   for life! Following a prolonged funding drive, the new hall was opened in   1966. The new facilities allowed for a badminton club and an indoor bowling   club to be formed, as well as facilitating the existing organisations within   the church. During the mid 1960s, a section at the back of the three acre   site was sold to the Department of Education at a cost of £675 for the   building of a new school which was to open in 1972.
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