Beechville c1900

Beechville c1900

Beechville   House is a beautiful Georgian listed home and was built by the Cope family   obviously before 1834 as it appears on an old map of that date. It can be   noted that the chimney formation has been repositioned at some time. The   first known tenant in 1837/38 was Rev. Edward Leet who, as curate at   Loughgall, earned around £75 per year. In 1839 he became the first Rector of   the Church of Ireland parish of Dalkey in Dublin. Other tenants who occupied   the house before it was purchased from Sir Gerald Templer in 1965, included   two curates, a Methodist minister, a linen merchant’s widow, a retired bank   manager, an egg and butter merchant and a school master. Since 1965,   occupants have included a bank manager, an insurance broker, a solicitor and   now a wine merchant. During the First World War, Beechville was registered as   a War Hospital Supply Depot by a Miss Bates. This medical supply organisation   provided the war effort with vital hospital equipment including splints,   crutches and surgical supplies.
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