4th Police Station-Isaac Walker Memorial Hall

The Hanson Girls and Marleen Adams in the back garden of the Police Station

The Hanson Girls and Marleen Adams in the back garden of the Police Station

Loughgall Police Station 1960s

Loughgall Police Station 1960s

Behind   the walls of what is now the Isaac Walker Memorial Hall is the shell of what   was previously the fourth and last police station in Loughgall. It closed in   2009. A new sub-station was built on this site in 1958 on land acquired from   the Department of Agriculture when the two village constables and their   families moved from their old quarters in the centre of the village. During   the troubles the station experienced some very turbulent times with major   structural repairs being carried out in 1987, and again in 1990, following   Irish Republican Army (IRA) attacks. The 1987 incident resulted in the deaths   of eight IRA men and one civilian. Constable Hanson, his wife and family   including three girls, Betty, Olive and Dorothy, lived in Loughgall station during   the 1960s adjacent to Constable Keys, his wife and daughter Myrtle. Dorothy   recalls: ‘Loughgall Police Station was noted as being the best kept station   and featured in the local press – a true reflection of Mum’s love for   gardening and the many unusual shaped flowerbeds in the front garden. At   Hallowe’en we went up to our neighbour’s house at the top of the hill where   Mr and Mrs Adams lived with their daughters Sandra and Marleen. We would sing   around a bonfire while Mr Adams accompanied us on his guitar and, after a   delicious feast, we were thrilled with a short fireworks display’.


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