Cloveneden Presbyterian Church

Cloveneden Presbyterian Church

Cloveneden Presbyterian Church

Royal Wedding at Cloveden Church

Royal Wedding at Cloveden Church

The Presbyterian Meeting House, known locally as Cloveneden, is situated just over a mile from Loughgall village on a beautiful raised setting. In 1704 a lease was granted for the building of a Meeting House of mud and thatch which served the Loughgall Presbyterian congregation until 1791, when it was replaced by a stone building. In 2004 the church was refurbished for its Tercentenary celebrations. Past ministers included the Rev. Moses Hogg, who was regarded as having been an ardent supporter of the United Irishmen and was apparently taken into custody and held in an inn in Portadown for a fortnight during the 1798 Rebellion. He died in 1802 and was succeeded by his son, Rev. Robert Hogg who combined his ministerial duties with being Assistant Astronomer at Armagh Observatory, a post he held from 1799 until his death in 1830. In more recent times another Loughgall minister who received recognition for his endeavours outside the church was the Rev. W.R. Rodgers. He left the ministry in 1946 to take up a post as scriptwriter and producer with the BBC. He is remembered primarily as a highly regarded poet, but he was also a distinguished broadcaster and essayist. He died in the USA in 1969 and is buried at Cloveneden. In August 2013 Cloveneden was the unlikely setting for a royal wedding. A Nigerian prince, Prince Mustapha Oniru of Lagos, wearing standard dress, tied the knot with local teacher, Kirsty Crooks making her a princess. Mustapha’s parents, the King and Queen of Lagos were there, along with over 100 Nigerian guests including other royalty. Many wore ceremonial  dress making for a very colourful day.

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5 Responses to Cloveneden Presbyterian Church

  1. Very interesting. I wonder if you have any information on the Rev. Edward Kimmitt who was called to Loughgall in 1861. He was my husband’s great-great-grandfather. I’m particularly interested in his ancestry. We know he was son of John Kimmitt and Margaret, but beyond that, nothing. Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.

  2. loughgall says:

    Hello Polly
    Thanks for getting back to me. Here is the e-mail for the current minister at Cloveneden. He may be able to point you in a direction where you could get further information.

    PS – I live in loughgall and know Phllip McKelvey very well. Lovely young man!!!

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