St Patrick’s RC Church

St Patrick's RC Church - Painting by Jim Fox - Parish Art Class

St Patrick’s RC Church – Painting by Jim Fox – Parish Art Class

The earliest record of a Catholic church in the townland of Eagralougher goes back to 1787. It was described as being a ‘plain stone building, roughcast, whitewashed and slated’ with a ‘very plain interior’. It was on the same road as a school and a pub which prompted a local wit to comment: ‘We have education, salvation and damnation all in a row’. When Rev. Father Joseph Dunne became Parish Priest of St Patrick’s in 1907 he realised that this old building was no longer fit for use and that it needed to be replaced. He and his parishioners raised funds over a period of five years through concerts, bazaars and other events to finance the building, which cost almost £4,000. Much of the labour was provided voluntarily and it took almost a year to build the new church which was situated about 100 yards from the site of the old church. On Sunday 5th October 1913 the opening was marked by the Solemn Consecration of the new church bell by Cardinal Michael Logue. Renovations were carried out in 1992.

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