Loughgall Country Park

Enjoying Loughgall Country Park

Enjoying Loughgall Country Park

Loughgall Country Park is set in a magnificent 188 hectare estate of open farmland, orchards and the 37 acre lough. Phase one was completed during 1996, and included a football pitch/grass arena, changing pavilion and children’s play area. Phase two was completed in 2000, and included an 18 hole golf course, 37 acre coarse fishery, bridle path, way-marked walks, locker/changing facility and a reception/tea area. Loughgall Country Park is a rural haven of relaxation and recreation. The emphasis is very much on family pursuits. Walking, cycling, a children’s play area, golf, fishing, an adventure trail, trim trail, eco trail, football pitch and tennis courts are just some of the amenities on offer. The extensive facilities offer considerable scope for pursuing a healthy lifestyle while at the same time providing an invaluable recreational outlet for children, even those of a very young age. There’s something for everyone, from the zealous sports lover to the casual visitor who relishes the outdoor life. Picnicking, jogging, exercising and just lazing are the optional extras and these are free of charge! As you follow walking trails in the park, watch out for kestrels hovering over grassland, buzzards hunting for food and a variety of songbirds. Irish hares, foxes and badgers live within the park, but red squirrels were displaced by their grey cousins in the 1970s and 1980s. The lime-rich soils and ground water give the park a very rich flora of woodland and lake-shore plants. www.loughgallcountrypark.co.uk

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